This past week I’ve been been scattered and sporadically irritable and my pursuit of a writing career has been nothing short of an apocalypse. Yes, I write every single day…..for my J.O.B…..but when it comes down to putting pen to paper creatively to pursue my writing dreams, or in this case fingers to computer keys, it just hasn’t been happening. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it once I focus and get going….it’s the “getting going” part that seems to do me in….and often.

Sometimes I feel very creative and ideas pop into my head at off times that practically give me goosebumps, and other times I have no ambition to write creatively and am content to just take notes here and there while listening to a podcast or taking a webinar. Distractions are everywhere and ongoing….wait a second….what was that shiny object…..squirrel! Oops….what was I saying?

Honestly, I think it may actually be possible to become addicted to webinars and podcasts and….information in general! What I’m going through reminds me of a Star Trek episode, the original series. One of Captain Kirk’s friends had undergone some type of odd transformation where his energy and mental capacity were growing exponentially and he absorbed the contents of pretty much everything available to him in their starship computer, even operations manuals…within what seems like hours or maybe even minutes….gulp. Well, there is no way I’m to that point thank goodness; I’d fall asleep trying to read anything as monotonous and dry as an operations manual, but you get the idea.

I’m thrilled to be back here with you today and I already feel the juices flowing again. It’s clear that writing is a discipline, and that unless I make more of an effort that dream of mine will stay in dreamland. I learned something recently about Passion, that it comes from an idea or action that is aligned with our feelings and beliefs. I’d like to say I have a Passion for writing, but I’m not sure that is the case. Rather I enjoy writing, and have a dream relating to what I could create through writing. My Passion is to create via writing. I can and do vividly see where I imagine that taking me. The trick is to regularly and consistently do the work, resulting in the MAGIC of creation.

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I've dreamed of being a published writer for many years, but had pushed it aside to focus on being a wife, mother, and commercial property manager. This blog is a journal of my experience as I create a new future one word at a time.


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