I am a learner, a sponge, constantly looking for new valuable information to absorb and ultimately utilize to not only make my life better, but to provide me information and skills that I can use to make things better for others. The last few months have been full of fabulous webinars and other online events that have boosted my morale and energized me, filling my head with new ideas and my heart with hope. I’ve begun working with a life coach, decluttered my house, started a website, developed a blog, and ramped up my learning all while holding down a full time job and doing my best to keep my health and relationships in check. Yay me!

I wish I could say it’s all good, but this past few days, maybe even the whole week, I’ve hit a bit of a wall from a series of things that are just becoming “too much.” It all started with just getting this website up and running….it turns out that was a much larger project than I ever imagined – most likely because I’m not a techie. Then, way too much pressure from webinars with ongoing sales pitches by well known motivators to invest in their next best product because not investing in what they are selling means I’m a “dabbler” and doomed to failure. Seriously, how is my throwing thousands of dollars at multiple things with the hope something sticks benefitting me more than those millionaire motivators?

But that’s not all. Too many postings about the state of the world and everyone’s opinions about the presidential race accompanied by last night’s brief view of the first painful debate. Too much doom and gloom and misinformation about the pandemic. Too much time since I’ve been able to travel and see dearly loved family members and friends. Too much minutia and stress in my regular J.O.B. Ultimately……just TOO MUCH.

The shining light above it all is that despite everything, I am still ready, able, and willing to write. Deep down that is really where my heart is. I can put aside all those things that are currently “too much” and focus on choosing the next right word, imagining the next good idea, and put pen to paper to pursue the life of my dreams one word at a time.


I've dreamed of being a published writer for many years, but had pushed it aside to focus on being a wife, mother, and commercial property manager. This blog is a journal of my experience as I create a new future one word at a time.


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